Lincoln Town Car: 1990-Present

Converting from Air Ride Suspension (ARS/RAS) to Coil Springs: Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

ARS = Air Ride Suspension, RAS = Rear Air Suspension

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Parts are $110 or less at most Auto Parts stores. A 'kit' is not needed; Coil Springs for a 1990-1993 Lincoln Town Car (and several Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria's) all use the same suspension. Buy Coil Springs for a 1993 Lincoln Town Car; almost any auto parts store will have them. This retro-fit is cheaper than replacing any of the many components that can be wrong with the ARS/RAS and this is by far the easiest fix, and a very easy DIY project. No modification to the vehicle is required, the Coil Springs simply replace the Air Springs. The ride is unmatched; you cannot tell the difference. Anyone suggesting you repair the ARS/RAS is not giving you good advice, the system can & will continue to fail over time.

1. Turn OFF the ARS/RAS in the Trunk.
2. Remove the 30A Fuse for the ARS/RAS in the Fuse Panel that is under the Hood (this will prevent the Compressor from ever coming on again).
3. Set the PARKING BRAKE, loosen lug nuts for rear wheels, chock front wheels.
4. Jack car so wheels are at least 3" off the ground, secure weight of vehicle on Jack Stands, remove both rear wheels.
5. Remove Shock retaining nut from bottom of shock, knock Shock loose. Air Bags should be loose to the touch. Removal of Shocks can be avoided if using a Coil Spring Compressor.
6. Remove the clip that holds the Air Bag in place at the top, a bladed screwdriver will achieve this, just push it off the top of the Air Bag. It's a small space but removal of the clip is easily achieved. A similar clip may be found at the bottom of the Air Spring also but not always.
7. Remove the two connectors at the top of the now quite loose Air Bag; one is a plug, the other must be turned to be removed. Secure these to something as far from the exhaust using Zip Ties, no need to remove any of the ARS/RAS hardware, it will not interfere with anything. The Compressor may also stay where it is under the Air Box without need for removing any attachments to it.
8. Install Coil Springs (don't forget the Bushings) making sure the Springs are seated correctly. Your directions may not state it but the Coil Springs should be installed with the tighter wound portion pointed up. The vehicle is designed to allow for Coil Springs or Air Bags; either fit perfectly. Reattach Shocks and retaining nut. Reattach wheels & lug nuts, raise car with Jack, remove Jack Stands, slowly lower car back to ground. Tighten lug nuts as needed.
9. Disabling the Check Air Suspension light on the Instrument Cluster depends on your model year:

For 1995-1997: Open & Unhook the Glove Box from the right, squeeze the sides to release and let it hang out of your way. Behind the Glove Box, mounted to the Heater Unit is a connection with two plugs, one GRAY, one BLACK, or both GRAY, each about 2". On the BLACK or TOP connector, midway, is a GREEN wire (this is pin #11). Cut this wire to disable "Check Air Suspension" light. Cut as far from the plug as you can should it ever need to be reconnected/spliced. Reattach Glove Box. 

For 1990-1994: This same plug/wire is behind the ARS/RAS Switch located in the TRUNK.

For 1998-Present: The 'Check Air Suspension' light cannot be disabled without a FoMoCo Programmer. Some dealers may perform this for you at a cost, most will not as they don't know how. I also found this posted at from an owner of a 2003: I found the way to keep the computer system happy and turn off the air suspension warning light. You simply remove the link between the rear cross member and the ride height switch. Then while viewing the trim height PID you adjust the switch so the computer is seeing 2.80 volts and secure the sensor in that position with metal safety wire, zip ties, or epoxy putty. Now turn on the trunk air suspension switch and the system thinks the vehicle is sitting at the correct height and never tries to adjust it. Your air compressor will never be engaged again. Works great.

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